How Millennials Use Dropbox to Organize Online Coursework

Millennials are a tech savvy bunch. This young age group was born into technology. Using modern technology from a very young age, millennials usually come up with innovative uses for different technologies. The millennial mindset has helped human-centered technologies transform the way humans of all ages live and work. Unlike the technologies that were created in the 1990s and earliest days of the 21st century, we are now seeing the emergence of technology that adapts to humans, rather than forcing humans to adapt to them.

Dropbox is a good example of those technologies. The file sharing service has already transformed the way we share files with each other and has improved online collaboration between students and work colleagues. Not surprisingly, millennials have added their spin to the way people use Dropbox, coming up with innovative ways to organize the coursework files that are applicable in many different situations.

  1. Scanning Documents Directly to Dropbox

Scanned documents are usually of special importance. In college life, course notes are often scanned to be shared with colleagues, or to be saved for later. With the emergence of cloud-based storage services like Dropbox, people usually scan the documents, only uploading them to Dropbox later. However, there is a shortcut for scanning documents directly into Dropbox that is frequently used by millennial students to store whiteboard scans and other important course-related documents directly in the cloud storage where they are safe, and can be shared with others.

  1. Commenting on Specific Areas of a File

The ability to comment on documents is extremely important for online collaboration between different people. This is particularly important in college life. Trying to make people understand what part of the document you are talking about by describing it is both tedious and impractical. Dropbox had introduced a feature that solves this problem that is only known to up to date, tech-savvy users. The new handy feature allows commenting on specific parts of a Dropbox file, and makes life a lot easier for people using the tool to collaborate with others.

  1. Creating MS Files from Mobiles Directly To Dropbox

If you ever get an idea on the go, you would either write it down on a piece of paper for later (or worse, use a napkin!), or in the best case scenario, type it on your mobile phone to later move it to Dropbox to share it with people to whom it might be of interest. Instead of doing all of this, you can create a MS format file directly into Dropbox from your mobile phone. This feature allows students to organize course-related notes taken on the go.

  1. Restoring Earlier Versions of a File

Having a file version control system is important. A version control system is a huge deal for software developers. However, the concept is becoming more popular with many other disciplines. The ability to restore previous versions of a file is just too powerful to be ignored by anyone, from software developers to authors. After lacking this feature for so long, Dropbox now allows users to preview earlier versions of a file, and are able to restore the version they want. Dropbox’s power users are aware of that feature and use it frequently. This feature also helps millennials organize their coursework by being able to restore previous versions of the file, and keeping important modifications arranged accordingly.  

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